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Detroit-Masjid (Farmington Hills, MI)
Lat. 42.28 Long. -83.22 GMT -5
27th Shaban 1438H ( 23rd May 2017)

Sihori Endarrow 04:48 AM
Fajr Startarrow 05:03 AM
Sunrisearrow 06:03 AM
Zawaalarrow 01:29 PM
Zuhrarrow 03:58 PM
Asrarrow 06:27 PM
Maghribarrow 08:56 PM

Jamaat EventsAbout The Bohras

'Faith is nought but love.'This statement defines a Bohra's faith - that it is love. Love for Allah and his representative on earth. Love for family, neighbours and friends. Love for one's fellow human being. Love for all of Allah's Creation.

This approach makes them stand out in the social milieu wherever they may be. They are urged to act according to the Prophet Mohammed's SA command; "Desire for others what you desire for yourself."

The da`is have moulded a community that eschews conflict and rather seeks common ground and the fostering of good will. They are taught from a bright and early age the words of Ali Amirul Mumineen AS, "Do good to those who have caused you ill."

The Bohras basic beliefs are very much in common with other Muslims. It begins with the Kalemah al-Shahada bearing witness that there is no god but Allah, and Mohammed al-Mustafa SA was His messenger. This message was revealed in the Holy Quran as the divine word of Allah and that the mantle of guidance was passed on from the Prophet to his wasi (legatee), Molana Ali bin Abi Talib SA , and from him to the Imams SA descendent from the union of Ali SA and the Prophet's daughter, Fatima AS.

Bohras have always been loyal and law-abiding citizens wherever they live. They have maintained cordial relations with all manner of governments with an aim of fostering harmony and goodwill. The Bohras' unique blend of religiosity and modernity along with the way Bohras contribute positively towards the development and prosperity of the places they live in gives them a special place wherever they may be. They are respected as hard-working, peace loving, helpful and loyal citizens contributing fully towards the prosperity of the countries they reside in.

...if I may say so, you are a splendid example of the way I believe different cultures can learn to understand one another much better... HRH Prince Charles of Great Britain, 19th March, 1996

...I am confident that, aided by its tradition of hard work, shrewdness in business and disciplined effort, it will soon come to occupy a leading position in industry. Every new situation demands greater and greater effort, and those who are capable of this added effort are destined to be the leaders of tomorrow... Col. B. H. Zaidi - Former Vice Chancellor, Aligarh Muslim University