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Detroit-Masjid (Farmington Hills, MI)
Lat. 42.28 Long. -83.22 GMT -5
27th Shaban 1438H ( 23rd May 2017)

Sihori Endarrow 04:48 AM
Fajr Startarrow 05:03 AM
Sunrisearrow 06:03 AM
Zawaalarrow 01:29 PM
Zuhrarrow 03:58 PM
Asrarrow 06:27 PM
Maghribarrow 08:56 PM
Welcome to the website of the Dawoodi Bohra community of Anjuman-e-Najmi, Detroit, MI, USA. Our jamaat was established with Raza Mubarak of Aqua Moula Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin TUS on the mubarak visit of A'li Vaquar A'li Jaah Shahzada Syedi Aliasghar Bhaisaheb Kalimuddin Saheb Dama Majdahu in 1971. Since then we have had the sharaf of building the first masjid in the west in 1988. Our community of mumineen continue to grow and flourish with the dua of Aqua Moula. The community mostly has professionals working in medicene and engineering fields in various reputed hospitals and organization in and around Metro Detroit area.

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