Salaat TimesSalaat Times

Detroit-Masjid (Farmington Hills, MI)
Lat. 42.28 Long. -83.22 GMT -5
27th Shaban 1438H ( 23rd May 2017)

Sihori Endarrow 04:48 AM
Fajr Startarrow 05:03 AM
Sunrisearrow 06:03 AM
Zawaalarrow 01:29 PM
Zuhrarrow 03:58 PM
Asrarrow 06:27 PM
Maghribarrow 08:56 PM
Various committees under the umbrella of Anjuman-e-Najmi, Detroit are working towards the prosperity of the community and the country.

Jamaat CommitteeJamaat Committee

Includes board of directors and advisory counsil.


Shabab-ul-Eidiz-Zahabi is a youth organisation dedicated to performaing khidmat by assisting Mumineen with enthusiasm and excellence to bring our community closer together, build camaraderie & friendship. The goal of Shabab Ul Eidiz Zahabi Detroit is to promote Intellectual, Economical, Social and Physical upliftment throughout the community. Shabab organizes social, educational and sports events.

Education CommitteeEducation Committee

Education committee helps in running the Saturday School. They also help in organizing summer camps for kids.